It is now three weeks since the Danish Ministry of Science repudiated an attack by one of its committees on environmental author Bjorn Lomborg; see my December 19 entry for details. And although The Washington Post gave prominent A-section attention when the charges against Lomborg were made–DANISH PROFESSOR DENOUNCED FOR “SCIENTIFIC DISHONESTY”–the Post has yet to say a peep about the charges being withdrawn. So, Washington Post: When someone is accused that’s a big story, and when the same person is vindicated by the agency that supervises the accuser, that’s no story? Pretty cheesy, Post.

Yeah, it’s kind of like the way the stories about Halliburton being cleared of overcharging don’t mention Dick Cheney with the kind of prominence that he got when there was a “scandal.”

UPDATE: Here’s more on how Halliburton is being covered. Meanwhile Henry Hanks emails:

Brit Hume just did a “Grapevine” on John Cole’s blog post about Halliburton and Cheney mentions in the press… unfortunately he didn’t mention the blog but it was clearly from reading the blog.

Bravo, John. Er, and Brit!

ANOTHER UPDATE: On the other hand, Ryan Pitts has a long and detailed post that says Cole is (mostly) wrong about the treatment the Cheney / Halliburton story got.