MISSING 727 UPDATE: Here’s the latest development in the saga last mentioned on InstaPundit last July. Meanwhile, there was a possibly suspicious crash in the Red Sea:

Egypt’s Civil Aviation Ministry said the crash was apparently caused by a mechanical problem and not terrorism. But it occurred as the British prime minister was visiting the resort and amid a week of heightened concerns about terrorism that have led to canceled flights around the world.

They’re calling it mechanical failure, which is certainly credible — though the plane crashed without any distress call, and had recently passed a maintenance inspection in Norway.

Trying to figure out whether these kinds of stories mean anything or not is hard, and perhaps provides some sense of what intelligence analysts go through all the time.

UPDATE: More on the Red Sea crash here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: More interesting stuff over at The Command Post.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Still more on the air-terror happenings rounded up here.

MORE: I can’t vouch for its reliablity, but here’s a story that purports to outline the busted terror plot.