BLOGGERS DON’T NEED EDITORS OR PUBLISHERS: Strangely, this leads Editor and Publisher to dub bloggers “self-important.”

Self-important, self-sufficient. Whatever.

UPDATE: Stefan Sharkansky emails: “I’d add ‘self-correcting’, with the emphasis on ‘correcting’. Can you recall the last time any newspaper issued a correction for factual errors on the editorial page? I can’t.”

Meanwhile Trudy Schuett observes:

I’m surprised that E&P hasn’t progressed any in its thinking since last spring/summer. . . . the reality is that newspapers have already begun to change they way they do journalism on the Web, and everywhere else.

Indeed. And I think that things like this will only increase the pressure. As Schuett continues: ” I can see why many traditionalists would hope we (the bloggers) go away soon.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Read this, too.