JUDGES NOT BUYING TRUMP INCITEMENT THEORY: “Blame Trump” Defense Not Working Out Well For Rioters. “Defense attorneys representing many of the rioters have come up with one tactic to try to clear their clients of wrongdoing. They’re blaming former President Trump, saying that he was the one who ‘summoned’ them to the White House and ‘instructed’ them to shut down the count of the electors. Unfortunately for them, judges don’t seem to be buying that defense so far.”

Well, the big weakness with this claim is that it isn’t true.

Plus, a key question: “I would first note that there’s something rather strange about a group of people so dedicated and loyal to Donald Trump that they would travel across the country to attend his rally outside the White House, now turning around and trying to throw him under the bus. People so dedicated to the idea of ‘stopping the steal’ that they were willing to risk injury or death (in at least one case) to defend the President are now casting the blame on him in an effort to avoid jail time.” Yeah, go figure.