IMPERMANENCE OF THE PAST: “Fully recovered lawyer” Mark Pulliam, writing at Law & Liberty, cogitates about how quickly freedom can be lost when parents don’t pass along to their off-spring knowledge of and appreciation for the facts of the nation’s history.

But the passage is made doubly difficult by systematic and sustained efforts to erase the heritage and its memory. Pulliam’s observations about the campaign led by Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush to “reimagine” the Alamo, the remarkable shrine of Texas liberty, are thus especially on point:

“Alamo defenders, adamant that the shrine to Texas valor needed no ‘reimagining,’ ultimately thwarted Bush’s plans after an extended fight — at least for now. Revisionist historians risibly demonize the Alamo as a ‘symbol of whiteness’ and even ‘the largest statue to the Confederacy in this country.’ The battle is not over.”