I FORGET WHICH TALKING HEAD IT WAS who I heard saying that we’d have to have an international tribunal for Saddam or we wouldn’t be able to “maintain credibility,” but I just had to laugh.

What international tribunal? One staffed by Europeans who supported Saddam?

The “international community” and the “human rights community” lack the moral standing to try Saddam. Let the Iraqi people do it. Unlike the dictator-coddling Euros, they’ve suffered enough to have earned the right.

That won’t stop the Coalition Of The Pissy from whining, of course. But as has been made increasingly clear, that’s of limited significance.

UPDATE: Reader James Van Zyl emails:

I was watching the CBC newscast here in Canada regarding the capture of Saddam Hussein and the issue of where the trial should take place, came up. They were interviewing an Iraqi expat (I believe she was from an organisation called Free Women of Iraq). The reporter in typical holier-than-thou fashion asked her if she thinks Saddam will get a fair trial in Iraq, and if it wouldn’t therefore be better to put him on trial in the Hague. The womens answer took the reporter by complete surprise because it was so simple and yet in one sentence clearly conveyed exactly how many Iraqis feel about Saddam Hussein, and their distrust of the UN. Her answer was :

“Actually, I don’t think he will get a ‘fair’ trial in the Hague”.