Related: John Hinderaker: “I suspect that Greene’s main offense is her stalwart defense of President Trump, and her vote, along with many other House members, to reject the Electoral College ballots of two states. It is her unabashed Trumpism that the Democrats are most eager to discredit.”

If Trump’s so washed up, why are Democrats still so afraid of him?

Plus: “The Democrats’ case against Marjorie Greene largely consists of the claim that she is a conspiracy theorist. Fine. If we are going to expel representatives who promoted conspiracy theories, let’s start with the Democrats who propounded the insane conspiracy theory that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 presidential election. Once all of those Democrats have been expelled or deprived of their committee assignments–that covers pretty much all Democrats, including the House leadership–we can take up the question of whether Marjorie Greene promoted unfounded conspiracy theories.”