There are the occasional anti-American slogans, some in misspelled English – like “Dawn USA” – but mostly President George W. Bush is hailed as a liberator, especially in the neighborhoods of the Shia majority historically brutalized by Hussein.

Samplings of the Arabic slogans include: “Down Saddam the infidel and long live Bush the believer!” “A thousand Americans but not one Tikriti,” referring to residents of Hussein’s hometown.

Many taunt the deposed dictator: “Saddam the dirty, the son of the dirty, in which septic tank are you hiding now?”

Hussein’s family also comes in for abuse: “Where are your wife and daughters, Saddam? Are you pimping them in Jordan?”

“I like what I read,” said Karal Nadji, a Shia street vendor who sells shoes. “We appreciate Mr. Bush. We’re all waiting for the fruits of change.”

And there’s a slight variation on “Democracy! Whiskey! Sexy!”

A popular slogan comparing the politician with an Iraqi chickpea dish declares: “Neither Bush we want, nor Chalabi; we want beer and lablabee.”


UPDATE: Regarding “Dawn USA,” above, reader Dave Schipani emails:

Hell, that’s not misspelled. It’s an echo of the Gipper – “It’s morning
in Baghdad”!

You know, that actually makes sense.