January 19, 2021

SO THE PRESS AND THE DEMOCRATS — BUT I REPEAT MYSELF — ARE HYPING THE CAPITOL INVASION AS A POLITICAL GAME-CHANGER. But then we see that Biden is only one point more popular than Trump in the latest NBC poll. And then there’s this: Trump Set To Leave Office With A Higher Approval Rating Than George W. Bush.

And it’s not even close: “President Donald Trump is leaving office with a higher approval rating and the Republican Party on better footing than after President George W. Bush exited the office in 2009, when the younger Bush saw historically low ratings. According to RealClearPolitics’ aggregate of polls, Trump is moving out of the White House with a nearly 40 percent approval rating overall. Bush enjoyed just under 30 percent of Americans on his side at this same point in his presidency.”

It’s time to see this media bulldozing operation for what it is, and to push back hard on the lie that everything is somehow different now.

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