January 19, 2021

JIM MEIGS: Hardening Our Voting System.

In fact, our electoral system is not as secure as it should be. Not surprisingly, citizens on both sides seem to trust it only when their party wins. Four years ago, of course, it was Democrats who claimed that the presidential election was “hacked,” and some, including the losing candidate herself, never stopped calling Trump’s presidency illegitimate. According to a 2020 Gallup poll, deep distrust in our electoral system goes back many years, though never before has it led to the kind of frightening violence we saw in Washington earlier this month.

Unfortunately, concerns about election security tend to be downplayed by whichever political party has won the most recent contest. That’s a mistake.

It’s not enough for a voting system to be fair. It needs to be seen as fair by everyone — the losers as well as the winners.

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