January 16, 2021

HOUSEHOLD COVID UPDATE: So it’s been nearly a month since I showed the first symptoms, such as they were — my symptoms were barely identifiable as anything in particular for the most part — and the worst part of it was probably just feeling vaguely weak, tired, and achy for a couple of weeks. (Even that wasn’t very specific, since as a middle-aged man who lifts weights, I’m tired and achy a lot anyway). But everything seems back to normal now. Helen and I both took an antibody test, and to my non-surprise even though she had tested negative for Covid on the PCR test, she was positive on antibodies, as was I. She had very similar symptoms, and for whatever reason she tends to get false-negative results on a lot of tests for infections. We both feel fine now, at least to the point where any remaining malaise or “blahs” can just as easily be explained by cold gray weather and a depressing political situation. I’m still taking low-dose aspirin, but I’m going to start tapering off it. I’m going to look into how to donate convalescent plasma, too, though apparently that’s more complicated (even in the signing-up process) than just giving blood.

Anyway, I’d say we were lucky, but really we probably had a close to median Covid experience: Worse than the 30-40% who have no identifiable symptoms, but better than the people who are sicker. We’re certainly glad to have not been among the percentages of people who got sicker.

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