January 15, 2021

HOWIE CARR: Restaurants in Massachussets Tired of Being Beaten Up.

This sign in Halifax sums it all up:

“Charlie Baker Take 25% of Your Pay.”

We’re all in this together, right? That’s what Gov. Baker keeps screaming at us — hectoring, lecturing, threatening, demanding, even banging his fists as he thunders one preposterous, counter-productive order after another.

But unlike his subjects, I mean constituents, the man Joe Biden calls Charlie Parker has not lost a single penny throughout this entire disaster.

For presiding over this panic more incompetently than almost any other governor in the U.S., Charlie Parker is paid $185,000 a year, plus a $65,000 housing allowance.

Even at 25%, Charlie Parker would still be grossly overpaid at $62,500 a year.

The signs — two of them — are outside the Lyonville Tavern in Halifax. It’s owned by Debra Trotta, along with Grille 58 across the street. She put the signs up about a week ago.

“I’m tired,” she was saying Thursday. “It’s been 11 months now, I’m tired of being beaten up. I’m 61, I could close up shop and retire and I’d be okay but I feel a responsibility to the people who work for me. I’ve got 60 employees. I’ve gone from four waitresses to three to two, and they’re not making any money.”

The signs, she said, are a reminder of what’s happened to most of the people in the state. . . . “A year ago the economy was booming. My people were doing very well, they were buying cars, they were buying houses. Now … .”

Well, with Biden being sworn in, the lockdowns are going to be whisked offstage like they never happened.

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