November 4, 2003

READER WIJNAND VAN DE BEEK (yes, he’s Dutch) emails:

I find you apologizing more and more for not blogging enough. . . .

Please don’t. You’re a busy man, and I understand blogging is insustainable if it’s not fun.

Please enjoy yourself blogging and forget about us. It’s your hobby, and I’m sure you’ll be better at it when you do it in a way that suits you.

If that means a format change, don’t worry about it. Do it. . . .

Don’t get jailed by your audience. We’re only visitors.

Several other people have sent similar sentiments lately. Thanks very much. I’m much busier than usual this semester at my actual job, and sometimes blogging has to take a back seat. That’s okay. Please rest assured that my occasional apologies for not blogging enough are largely a matter of politeness, and do not represent any actual anguish on my part. . . .

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