January 15, 2021

IF I HAD KIDS CURRENTLY IN THE SCHOOLS:  Spirit Murder, Lizard Brains and the Abolition of Whiteness.

I wouldn’t. In the same way I wouldn’t send my kid to drill with the Hitler Youth. And no, that’s not invoking the Nazis for no reason. This is precisely the same nonsense the Nazis believed in (minus hollowed Earth) with the races sort of reversed. (If the white race is the eternal oppressor, they must be ultra-capable, otherwise they could be stopped, right? And note that’s what they believe, not what I believe.)

Yes, I do know how much hardship this would impose on some of you. I did send my kids to school mostly so I could work in peace, and then homeschooled after school. (But the schools weren’t this bad, in the nineties.) But there are work arounds and arrangements you can make, including forming co-ops and teaching pods.  BTW anyone in Denver who wants someone to do a creative writing thing with your pod or group, ping me. I put my time where my mouth is.

Normally I’d say just teaching after school is good enough, but right now? I’d yank those kids out of the indoctrination factory.

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