January 15, 2021

OF EVERYTHING I’VE WRITTEN:  How To Read The News In Totalitarianism. this post, which I thought was somewhat bland, and just informative, got my facebook page invaded by an army of trolls and people I’d never interacted with before calling me crazy and acting like idiots. They also obviously hadn’t read any of the posts they were responding to, and fanned back three days.  They also, after I started responding, denounced me for “bullying” and got me suspended for 24 hours.

According to one of the commenters on my blog, who is also in the science fiction community:

That was really disturbing. I go on FB this morning and see several entries on my f-list urgently warning people to defriend and block you.

Now, guys, I’ve written posts in which I called them names; blog posts in which I denounced the working of their cliques; blog posts in which I excoriated them in the most blunt terms. But this is the post they go militant on?
Could it be because I mention in passing the obvious false flag action planned for this weekend? The one to prepare for which this poster was distributed and local police forces warned to expect “insurrection” or a “coup”?  Sort of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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