MAUREEN DOWD IS LYING AGAIN: Think that’s too strong? Read what Greg Djerejian says — and follow his links — and see what you think.

I think that there must be a lot of people who could do a better job on the Times oped page than Maureen Dowd, whose name has already become synonymous with op-ed dishonesty.

According to Dowd: “It’s hard to protect yourself from the big lie.” Especially, it seems, when it comes via The New York Times.

UPDATE: There’s more on Dowd from Cori Dauber, over at The Volokh Conspiracy, who finds Dowd’s accusations of “airbrushing” ironic — at best. And read this, too.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Justin Katz’s comments would probably wound Dowd more deeply than anything I’ve written: “Not only is Dowd foolish and wrong, but she’s slow. The Dover ceremony controversy is so last week.” And here’s proof — Katz blogged it, last week. Ouch.