CENTER FOR PUBLIC LACK-OF-INTEGRITY? Lynxx Pherrett says the CPI study is dealing from a stacked deck. For shame. (He’s pretty hard on USA Today’s James Cox, too.)

UPDATE: And it’s doing real harm, as this email from reader Gene Rooney demonstrates:

So, I am in Kazakhstan, forced to watch BBC World as because aside from the Cartoon Network it is the only channel in English. And as I am reading Instapundit’s blurb on THE CENTER FOR PUBLIC INTEGRITY, who should appear on TV for an interview but a representative from THE CENTER FOR PUBLIC INTEGRITY. First hardball question from BBC World Anchor : “So this report is
pretty devastating for the US administration, isn’t it ?” More similiarly probing questions follow, all answers sound like ‘blah blah blah Halliburton blah blah blah halliburton’

Having been forced to watch BBC World for two weeks has been a depressing, enligtening experience. I have lived in Europe and was always fortunate enough to be able to switch to something else and not have to watch BBC. Anti-Americanism is all pervasive on this horror of a channel, the only english language news many people get in many parts of the world. I can’t watch it for more than a half hour without some wild anti-american slur, distortion or lie wanting me to throw something at the TV.

Charles Lewis should be ashamed to be throwing fuel on that fire. And the BBC should be ashamed, too, but that’s hardly news by this point.