January 12, 2021

“CAUGHT IN VERITAS STING” = “REVEALED AS A FASCIST.” PBS lawyer resigns after being caught in Veritas sting.

A lawyer for PBS resigned Tuesday after being caught describing President Donald Trump as “close to Hitler” in a right-wing sting operation.

Michael Beller, a contracts lawyer in PBS’ general counsel office, was recorded offering political opinions in what appeared to be a barroom conversation with a woman. It was released Tuesday by Project Veritas, a conservative group known for using undercover methods to reveal supposed liberal bias.

Beller is heard saying it was “great” that coronavirus cases were spiking in red states because they might infect Trump voters and suggested Republican voters should have their children put in re-education camps.

Nothing crazy or threatening about that. I think PBS may have a diversity problem. Also, “supposed liberal bias.” Heh. That’s how WaPo reports stuff nowadays.

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