January 12, 2021

SOME OBSERVATIONS ON THAT “FELONY MURDER” THEY’RE TRYING TO STICK ON THE PROTESTERS:  If you look at this video from the totally non-partisan Lincoln Project. (Truly. Severe Conservatives, they say.)

And follow along with their outrage, you might miss some facts illustrated in a comment from one of my regular commenters:

If there is one thing you always have to remember, it is to read or watch things that purport to contradict your view of what happened.

There is another thing – whether it is contradictory or supporting, look at it with a critical eye, and verify it.

This is no exception.

This video shows people trying to enter the Capitol Building, against opposition from people (reasonably assumed to be officers, either DC Metro or Capitol Police). That is a truth.

What it also shows is that mace was being sprayed from inside. Reasonable. It also shows batons being wielded from inside. It shows what appears to be an officer down (there is a typical arm patch, although not completely identifiable). It shows him on his face, pointed OUT of the building entrance – which says he was struck from BEHIND. Ah. Who was behind him that might have struck him? Only other officers. Slightly later, as the batons were still being frantically wielded, it shows a protestor standing over the fallen officer, holding up his crutch as a makeshift SHIELD over the officer.

Doesn’t look at all like the claim that this was a beating BY the PROTESTORS, does it?

Then look at the source of the video. You have to go to the Twitter account of Hull, where he attributes it to one Ron Filipkowski. Hmm. Look up that name, and his posts elsewhere. Ah. This person is a rabid TRUMP HATER from Florida. Registered as a Republican, true – but that is meaningless in this day and age. What is he doing in DC, among the protestors, when he wants nothing more than to demonize and destroy Trump? No, he’s not a “journalist” either official or citizen – he’s a lawyer that had a political appointment to a judicial selection committee (which he resigned from when one of the CoViD panic scammers in his State was raided). There is also one INDIVIDUAL voice that comes clearly in the video – one that had to be very close to the camera, and most likely Filipkowski himself. That voice utters one phrase – “Get that son of a b**** out of there!” That was undeniably an incitement to further violence – but by WHOM?


Honestly, I think I need to do a post on “reading news when your press is not truthful.” Trust me, you can still extract information, but it’s not the one the government and the press (BIRM) are trying to feed you.

And please, guys, very seriously, don’t fall for this crap and don’t go silent. Because without us, the republic truly is dead forever. And you don’t know how horrible things will get. I do.

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