January 11, 2021

YEP: Fascism Comes to the U.S.: Yes, it’s a woke fascism of the Left, but it’s still fascism.

The destruction of the freedom of speech in America today is being carried out by the Leftist establishment that dominates the political sphere, the social media giants, the establishment media, the educational system – virtually everything, really. The Left is using the Capitol riot of January 6 as its Reichstag Fire moment to criminalize, silence, and destroy utterly not just President Trump, but all Americans who still dare to oppose its sinister woke totalitarianism. In doing so, Leftists are revealing themselves, for all their rhetoric about how Trump and his supporters are fascists, to be quintessential fascists themselves. . . .

The social media giants and the Leftist government elites, the swamp that has reasserted its hegemony by installing Old Joe in the White House, are working in lockstep. The government doesn’t own the social media outlets, and it doesn’t have to: whether Big Tech is submitting to overall direction by the state or the state is submitting to overall direction by Big Tech, the outcome is the same: every major force in American society is marching in the same direction, while dissenters are stigmatized, demonized, framed for crimes they didn’t commit, silenced, and isolated.

Thus what we are seeing in the last few days, with the banning of the president of the United States from the main means of communication today, and the unity of purpose between the media, Big Tech, and the Democratic Party in propagating the Big Lie that Trump incited violence and attempted a coup on January 6, is fascism in action. And if the fascists aren’t stopped soon, what we have already seen will be just the beginning.

Government working hand-in-glove with big business to oppress the people.

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