January 11, 2021

YES, WHAT AMAZON DID WAS UNCONSCIONABLE. AND I’M NOT GOING TO DEFEND IT. IN FACT, IF I CAN GET A FEW MINUTE WHEN MY HUSBAND IS NEITHER WORKING NOR ASLEEP, I’M GOING TO HAVE A TALK ABOUT WHAT WE CAN BUY LOCALLY, ETC.  But there is something you must understand. Not only are web hosting and the ebook/kindle division not the same, but ebooks account for somewhere between 2% and 0.5% of Amazon’s income.  Yes, that’s still income.  But think about it. Right now a lot of indie writers have nowhere to go. And most of the successful ones are on the right. If we Boycott Amazon ebooks, they’ll hurt very little, but you’ll destroy several people on our side.

Yes, we absolutely need alternatives, and right now I’m involved in three discussions about how to start competition in indie ebook platforms (the existing ones are either terrible or very lefty, or both.) We could use a lottery win. Like all projects on the right, capital is a huge issue, since we are as you know the side of the “rich” (spits.)

However till competition is up and running, do not abandon indies.  We creatives on the right are persona non grata everywhere else. Don’t make it impossible for us to make a living.  (And seriously, when I was on all the other platforms, all of them combined made a tenth of what Amazon made.) I explain why in more detail, and link to some decent writers:   Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike and Book Promo and Some Blather By Sarah.

And please, please, please, any techies out there, make with the alternatives. That’s what you can do to help in this mess. And it’s very important.

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