January 10, 2021


Just read that cartoon/cucking post on the Insta wall… Jesus H. Christ on a chariot; you’re right, they want us to go crazy and form a circular firing squad while Biden/Schumer/Pelosi ram thru their agenda.

And the left does want to destroy voices like yours… like the PowerLine post you shared, now the left will attempt to make all aspects of conservatism “Trumpism” and discredit them/us/any dissent from their messages.

This week I recalled (sadly) your lament of how Rs in Congress spent most of ‘17 incredulous that this Trump fellow had won, and should have had legislation (your words) “lined up on the runway ready to go.”

Schumer, Pelosi et al certainly will not be doing that.

Nope. No Paul Ryans in charge on the Democratic side.

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