January 8, 2021

HMM: Worrisome Signs the Capitol Breach was Planned to Discredit Trump Supporters: An Eyewitness Account.

Related: Actions by Police Before Trump Supporters Attacked Capitol Backfired Spectacularly: Federal and local law enforcement say they underestimated threat posed to Congress, despite evidence of plans online. “Policing tactics in the U.S. have changed in the seven months since George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police, sparking nationwide protests last year. In Portland, Ore., months of nightly demonstrations escalated after President Trump sent in federal agents to protect a federal courthouse. In a letter to federal officials on Monday, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser urged federal law enforcement to maintain a light footprint for Wednesday’s protests, seeking to avoid the type of show of force that had inflamed tense situations in the city last year.”

To be fair to law enforcement here, Trump protests have traditionally been very orderly and well-behaved.

UPDATE: At the U.S. Capitol, Milling Crowd Sparked Riot in a Few Crucial Minutes.

The milling crowd of President Trump supporters had taken his invitation to march on the U.S. Capitol, but upon arriving at the steel fencing at the edge of the building’s western lawn, they seemed unsure of what to do next. Then, at 12:48 p.m., a clutch of men in blaze orange hats and military-style vests turned a nearby street corner, marching straight toward them.

In a matter of moments, the two groups merged and the crowd swelled to hundreds and surged forward, toppling a metal barricade at the curbside and charging up two small flights of stone steps toward five startled officers of the Capitol Police.


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