January 8, 2021

TODAY I WOKE UP IN A BLEAK MOOD AND IT HASN’T LIGHTENED:  There was an old skit by Bill Cosby before he fell from grace or was pushed, or whatever it was that described how his wife ruled the household.  Thinking about it, that was so politically incorrect it would have everyone today clutching their pearls. Don’t care. I have opinions on that too, but that’s something else.
Anyway, it described his kids misbehaving, and then his wife finally lost it.  “She takes the broomstick, she holds it like a Samurai sword. She announces the beatings are about to begin. And these brain damaged children look surprised!”  We’re not there yet. But I can see the broomstick from my house. And our brain damaged would-be elites will look SURPRISED: Attention Please!

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