January 8, 2021

NICK FREITAS HAS OPINIONS. THEY’RE NOT FAR FROM MINE: Believe it or not, I don’t particularly like politics, and yesterday provides one more example of why.

For months, we have watched as politicians, the media, academia, and other political and cultural institutions have either been silent or given approval to rioting, destruction of private property and the harming of innocent people under the auspices of achieving “justice”. Some of those same politicians, reporters and professors are now shocked when another group of people have decided that their concerns over injustice warrant a similar response.
You cannot act in such a way that diminishes people’s faith in processes and institutions and then act surprised when people turn on those processes and institutions. If you claim that the system is irrevocably rigged, racist, sexist, bigoted, you do not get to then turn around and appeal to those processes and institutions for the peaceful adjudication of problems. And yet that is exactly what many in positions of influence have done. Simultaneously condemning such institutions as corrupt when it suits their purpose, and then holding them up as models to be followed when they approve of the outcomes.
My biggest disagreement, besides talking of “storming” the capitol as though they’d gone in guns blazing, is his contention that we should all work on the culture: news, the education, entertainment.
It’s not that he’s wrong. It’s that he, and most of the people outside those fields don’t know there has been a political line for at least fifty years.  The left took the institutions and companies over and they will not hire anyone to the right of Lenin, or promote anyone to the right of Lenin, or, if they have to take you absolutely, they will make your life as miserable as they can.  There are exceptions. Some fall in anyway.
BUT those institutions are leftist because the left makes sure of it.
My friend Dave Freer, brilliant man, has long told me that the rights hires on competence and ability. The left hires (buys, etc.) on politics alone.  He’s told me for 20 years “That means they win over time.”
He was absolutely right. Join me in my “not one red cent” program.  (Red in the same sense as red state.)
I’m not saying we hire or buy on politics alone, but the truth is the right is full of unused talent, ability, etc. And unfortunately we have to do business with some lefties, because they dominate the market.
However, if you can, if there’s any alternative, don’t buy from the left, if you must sell to the left, charge them double.  That’s how you balance the culture.
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