January 6, 2021

PROTESTORS STORM U.S. CAPITOL, HALT ELECTORAL COLLEGE CERTIFICATION. They are inside the Capitol, with reports of one person shot in the chest.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): I’ve been mostly offline this week as I recover, but this isn’t right, tempting as it is to call this “mostly peaceful” or somesuch after the past year’s sanctioned riots. Follow the PJ Liveblog for minute by minute coverage. Excerpt:

With 40% of the country thinking the election was stolen, this was to be expected — especially after the unified voice of the media saying for years that if you feel disenfranchised it’s okay to riot. Our ruling class, and particularly our media, have been playing with fire for years and I hope that this will be enough to shock them into more sensible behavior. But so far they’ve not lived up to my hopes.

ANOTHER UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Bumped. I’ll be interested to see who these protesters in the Capitol are.

Also: Expert Andy Ngo: It wasn’t antifa at the Capitol riots.

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