MERYL YOURISH HAS MORE THOUGHTS on the Easterbrook flap, and suggests that people email Slate to suggest that it pick up Easterbrook’s TMQ column.

UPDATE: Reader Joel Buckingham writes:

People shouldn’t contact ESPN or Slate, contact FOX Sports Net, I know Easterbrook doesn’t care for the DirecTV Monopoly, but what better way to get back at ABC, go to the company that is running over ABC like a tank over well…Either way, I say Easterbrook should do TMQ for FSN, then wow…think of the traffic that would bring to Fox, I bet they’d love to take a swipe at ESPN/ABC too.

Heh. Getting Easterbrook a new job isn’t my goal, though the fact that many of his toughest critics — and I think that Meryl Yourish may well have been his very toughest critic — are trying to do just that indicates that ESPN, or Disney, or Michael Eisner, or somebody, overreacted here. If you’ve missed this whole flap (say, because you have a “life” and don’t spend your weekend reading blogs), you can read what I think here, and links to what, well, pretty much everyone else thinks here.

Interestingly, I just did a Google News search for Easterbrook + ESPN and there’s no sign of any major-media coverage of this story at all. So if you haven’t been reading blogs, you won’t have heard of it, I guess.