HERE’S A ROUNDUP OF BLOGGERS LEFT AND RIGHT who think that the Senate’s decision to turn Iraqi aid into loans is an asinine — and near-treasonously stupid and destructive — idea.

That means that a coalition of greens, socialists, liberals, center left Democrats, center right Republicans, little-l libertarians, and conservatives in the blogosphere all think this is a shitty idea. Can we all be wrong?

Nope. The Senators who voted for this ought to be ashamed, and they make me wish that there were a recall provision for Senators.

UPDATE: Spoons says we’re all wrong.

ANOTHER UPDATE: And Nitin Gopal Julka explains why Howard Dean isn’t as smart as Spoons.


In Iraq, I think we’ve got as good a shot as you might expect in the Third World. It’s got natural resources, an extant infrastructure (a bit shabby, but a good start) and most importantly it’s got the right people. They’ve already got a respectable educated class, and lots of eager expatriates. From the polls, we see most Iraqis want to join the free world. Spending to help them is part of the American character.

Let’s not forget, Free Iraq is a big strategic goal in the war. In the future, it could be a model for the rest of the region. But right now, it’s our unsinkable aircraft carrier right where we’d want one. It’s the well from which we’ll draw the extra, Arabic-speaking divisions we’ll need the next time we cry havoc.

Rebuilding a Free Iraq ought to have an Apollo-level priority. It’s that important. Asking for our money back? That’s like recovering a load of moon rocks, and auctioning them on eBay: tacky.

There are people in Congress who’d do that, too.