January 1, 2021

WEIRDLY, IF DEMOCRATS HATED MINORITIES AND WANTED THEM TRAPPED, SAD, AND DEAD, THEY WOULDN’T HAVE TO CHANGE ANY OF THEIR POLICIES: New York City’s Shooting Surge Hit Black and Hispanic Communities Hardest. “The number of shootings increased to 1,493 for the year so far, compared with 754 for the same time in 2019, the data showed. A single shooting could end up with more than one victim, which accounts for the difference in totals between victims and incidents. The Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice said people of color accounted for most of the victims. An analysis of NYPD data by that office showed that 1,440 of 1,495 shooting victims between Jan. 1 to Oct. 1, or 96%, were either Black or Hispanic. During that period, 29 shooting victims were white.”

Entirely missing from this story: Any reference to Black Lives Matter.

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