ARMED LIBERAL NOTICES that the State Department has left Israel off the map.

How can these guys implement a “roadmap” when they can’t even draw one?

UPDATE: Jim Hogue thinks this is a test:

Any bets on how long it will take to disappear or get fixed?? This isn’t an
idle question; it will be a good test of how effective bloggers are (or
perceived to be) by members in the federal government.

12 hours…. blogdom ROCKS!!
18 hours…. hey we paid attention but the web guy was off for Columbus Day
One day…. not bad
Two days…still not bad, they were busy defending Saudi Arabia first
One Week…. blogdom? Isn’t that a small middle Oceania island Kingdom ruled
by parrot worshippers???

For “federal government” substitute “State Department.” I’m betting on the Oceania thing. . . .