OUR ‘BIGGEST PROBLEM’ ISN’T REALLY: Glenn Stanton says apocalyptic environmental worries have become so widespread among the young that the medical community has come up with a “climate anxiety scale” to measure it.

Fears of over-population are an integral part of such worries, but Stanton, director of global family formation studies at Focus on the Family, points to an emerging new field of data-driven analyses that suggest what we really should be worried about is having too few people:

“The greatest threat to humanity‚Äôs future is certainly not too many people consuming too many limited natural resources, but rather too few people giving birth to the new humans who will continue the creative work of making the world a better, more hospitable place through technological innovation,” he writes for the latest edition of Quillette.

It’s a bit of a long piece but well-worth the reading time because it makes a persuasive case for the proposition that the world as we know it, isn’t.