December 9, 2020

VIDEO: Replay: SpaceX attempts Starship SN8 high-altitude launch test. A friend in the industry (not at SpaceX) writes on Facebook:

That was so totally awesome that awesome needs to be extended in meaning.

Starship made it through almost the entire set of test items on the check list. I am still just mindblown by what I’ve just watched. In-effing-credible.

According to Elon, the one fault in the test was insufficient pressure in the header tank for the landing burn. If not for that they’d have checked off the final item on the list.

No doubt that SN-9 will do it all… the only fault they had was a trivial one to fix.

All correct. But that said, there was an explosion at the end. But SpaceX isn’t afraid to blow things up on the path to getting it right, which is a huge advantage to progress.

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