September 12, 2003

ROBERT KUTTNER HAS LOST IT IN HIS DEBATE WITH JOHANN NORBERG. Here are a few lines from Kuttner’s reasoned argumentation:

But you have a very unfortunate habit of just making things up when the facts don’t happen to fit your nutty theories.

There’s also a rich debate, not resolved by recourse to your kind of fundamentalism

Debating you is like debating a devotee of a fundamentalist religion.

How can an intelligent person who reads the newspapers possibly believe that?

This has been a really depressing exchange, because you are so sophomoric and poorly informed in your extreme views.

You are a utopian and an absolutist. You offer no hypotheses that are falsifiable, which makes you a dogmatist.

Radley Balko has pointed out Kuttner’s behavior. So has this post from the Catallarchy blog. Kuttner’s not exactly foaming at the mouth here, but Norberg wins the reasonableness battle hands-down.

UPDATE: Julian Sanchez comments on Kuttner’s blown fuse.

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