December 1, 2020

“LIMIT WALMART FIRST” WAS ONE OF THE CHANTS AT KNOXVILLE’S ANTI-LOCKDOWN PROTEST: El Paso Mayor Says Recent COVID-19 Spike Due To ‘Fatigue,’ Many Cases Coming From Shopping At Large Retailers.

The mayor also mentioned what contact tracers have been finding in regards to how residents are catching the virus.

“We did a deep dive in our contact tracing for the week of November the 10th through the 16th and found that 55% of the positives were coming from shopping at large retailers, what we’d term as the big box stores,” Margo said. “And those are considered essential under CISA guidelines under homeland security. And we don’t really have- I don’t have any control over any limitations there.”

No word on whether the records show significant spread from bars and restaurants.

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