November 30, 2020


UPDATE: A friend emails:

Great to see this #Resist repurposed.

A close female relative and I had a conversation recently. She was making conciliatory verbal gestures, in effect, saying that if everyone who supported Trump admits he lost, agrees they were wrong, and that Trump was evil, we can all move on amicably.

I responded, very calmly and dispassionately, which I was able to do because I was expecting this conversation, more or less as follows.

Using game theory, it has been determined that the proper way to respond to defection from optimal behavior between two parties, is to match any bad behavior by equal retaliation. Acquiescing in bad behavior without consequences simply gets you more of it.

So, the only rational rational response for Trump supporters, after the last four years is to respond to Biden exactly as Trump was treated:


First, no one who voted for or supports Trump will recognized Biden as legitimate. Second, everyone who voted for Trump will believe and continue to proclaim that the election was stolen, in this case with far more factual basis. Third, Biden will not be given any deference or respect due to his office, but will be given only contempt and profane disrespect. Fourth, there will be no prospect of cooperation but only opposition, in every lawful way, to everything he says, does, or proposes, all day, every day, until he is gone.

At some future date reconciliation may be possible. But not until the last four years has been repaid in full.

And the foregoing is on the presumption that Biden will be sworn in as President, which he should not be, and which may not happen.


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