DEMS HOPED TO CRUSH AND DEMORALIZE THE DEPLORABLES, BUT IT’S NOT WORKING OUT THAT WAY: Four more years: 66% GOP wants Trump to run in 2024, 79% say election ‘stolen.’

Hey, it’s not like I didn’t warn them:

Trump was big on the national stage long before he was president. Why would he go away after the election is over? He’ll still have tens of millions of (probably angry) followers, deep pockets and a huge megaphone.

There has already been some talk of Trump starting his own television network to rival Fox News, and/or his own social media platform — the latter made more plausible by the heavy censorious hands of those running Twitter and Facebook — and I suspect that Trump would regard a 2020 loss as a setback, not a defeat. Grover Cleveland came back to win a second term after losing the White House, Trump might reason. Why not me? He’ll probably hold campaign-style rallies around the country starting right after the election.

Trump’s been down before and staged dramatic comebacks. I’m sure he thinks he can do it again, and so do a lot of his supporters.