August 29, 2003

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON WRITES that an American success in Iraq will threaten a lot of people. “Most nations and institutions will see themselves as losers should we succeed.”

That’s okay. We see them as losers already!

And speaking of losers, Mark Steyn writes that the secret to success in Iraq is keeping the UN out. That’s the secret of success in most things. . . .

UPDATE: Reader Peter Ingemi expands on Hanson’s point:

Here is my theory:

Our Islamist friends know (as the CSA did in 64′) that they won’t be able to beat us in the field and what they are doing in Iraq is only postponing the day of reckoning.

In addition the Saudis, Syrians, Iranians, North Koreans know that if there is a Bush 2nd term that it will be the end of their way of life.

Islamists have already declared Bush the world’s greatest foe of Islam. Unless Lieberman wins the nomination these people will POUR money into the campaign. And if HILLARY runs expect even more cash in that direction.

These people know it is their best shot to stop us, so watch the money roll in.

Just my theory. Cynical isn’t it?

Yep. But a reason for enterprising journalists and bloggers to pay close attention to campaign donors.

Robert Dean has more thoughts: “What a sad commentary on the state of humanity at the dawn of the Third Millenium, that creating freedom and prosperity in a formerly oppressed nation should evoke such widespread opposition.”

UPDATE: But this is encouraging. Plenty of people do want to see Iraq free and prosperous.

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