ACTUAL TERRORISM: Law Firm’s Withdrawal Reflects Chilling Reality. “Porter Wright is a mid-sized law firm with offices in eight cities across the country. But apparently it lacked the courage to stand up against the Twitter mob. The ‘Lincoln Project’ doxxed the two Porter Wright lawyers who signed the Pennsylvania complaint, tweeting their pictures, addresses and telephone numbers, and encouraging leftists to harass them.”

Remember, the alleged goal of the “Lincoln Project” is to return America to its pre-Trump decency. They should instead call themselves the McCarthy Project.

Plus, from John Hinderaker: “We can imagine a future, someday, when law firms will be able to represent Republicans without having to explain or apologize for it. Just like the law firms that represent Islamic terrorists.” I believe he means, “just like the law firms that represent Islamic terrorists for free.

The thing is, like most institutions in America, big law firms are run by people who care more about the opinions of their social peer group than about their institutional or civic responsibilities. Unfortunately, not only are the people who run most of our institutions garbage, but so are the peer groups they let guide them.

Related: If Media Didn’t Think Trump Could Win, It Wouldn’t be Targeting his Lawyers. “When dealing with compulsively dishonest people, it doesn’t pay to spend too much parsing their words. It’s more helpful to study their deeds. The media keeps claiming that President Trump can’t win, that his legal challenges are futile, hollow, and have absolutely no chance of winning in court. And, it’s also launching a full-scale Jihad against those law firms and lawyers participating in legal challenges against the election results. This harassment, which includes threats to the licenses of lawyers who represent Republican clients, is an unprecedented violation of political norms. But it’s also a tell.”