August 19, 2003

ONE OF MY EMAIL ACCOUNTS is getting a colossally huge number of virus emails. They’re not making it though, of course, but there are a lot more than usual. I wonder if there’s a net-wide outbreak. Be extra-careful about attachments — though if a lot of folks are getting this many, the net will groan under the sheer volume.

UPDATE: SoBig seems to be behind a lot of these, though I’m getting a bunch of Klez hits, too. Lots of people emailed to say that they’re getting a lot more viruses than usual. This could really bog down the Net if it keeps up.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Another reader emails:

I help run the email service here at Marist. On a typical day, we reject 30-50 emails a day for known virus filetypes. As of about 5 mins ago, we’ve rejected over 4100 today, and another couple thousand that we just blocked the IP address at the router, so yes there are a lot more virus/worm such as Klez active.

Yeah, one of my accounts is getting about a hundred an hour.

And, by the way, corporate antivirus servers that send back a message when they get a virus with your email address are utterly useless in an age of email-spoofing viruses, and just add to the load.

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