August 19, 2003

HERE’S ANOTHER MARINE who says that things in Iraq are better than the press makes them sound.

I don’t know, of course, but that doesn’t surprise me. After all, things in America are better than the press makes them sound.

UPDATE: A reader emails:

My son is a Cpl with the 3/23 Marines at Al Kut. I spoke to him Sunday and what he reports is essentially the same as LCPL. Guardiano. His unit has been mostly “humanitarian” work consisting of rebuilding, educating on self government and providing essential services. He attributes some of their uccess to the fact that as a reserve unit many of their members are police officers in civilian life and thus are better prepared for this type of duty.

I wonder why we don’t hear much about this? Maybe for the same reason we don’t hear about Al Jazeera paying people to shoot at Americans?

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