August 18, 2003

MATT WELCH IS FACT-CHECKING ARIANNA HUFFINGTON’S ASS: And said fact-checking reveals her to be, well, pretty much a complete, lying hypocrite.

UPDATE: Read the comments, where some people are suggesting she’s just an airhead. But note this key bit:

Either she voted for it or she didn’t. If she voted for it, then she lied to Paul Begala about not having done so. If she didn’t vote for it, then she was being deceitful in 1994 about the virtues of Prop 187. Unless of course, she is willing to admit that she often votes against good policies. In which case, I’m not sure she should be governor.

Not that her chances are especially good anyway.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Matt Welch has more Arianna now-and-then over at his blog. Heh.

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