August 18, 2003


The leader of a Muslim charity in the United States has been sentenced to 11 years in jail after being convicted of fraud. Syrian-born Enaam Arnaout, 46, admitted diverting thousands of dollars from his Benevolence International Foundation to Islamic militants in Bosnia and Chechnya. . . .

US District Judge Suzanne B Conlon said there was no evidence Arnaout supported terrorism, although she said his alleged links to Bin Laden raised suspicions.

During the investigation, US Attorney General John Ashcroft said documents found in Arnaout’s charity’s Bosnia office tied him directly to Bin Laden, and Arnaout admitted having met the al-Qaeda leader.

It’s not entirely clear what’s going on here, though there was obviously fraud involved at the very least.

UPDATE: This is troubling, too. Either these guys are guilty, which is troubling, or they’re not, which is troubling in a different way.

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