August 15, 2003

HERE’S A PHONED-IN BLOG ENTRY from powerless Oak Park, MI, dictated over the phone by Moe Freedman. Backup power for gas stations turns out to be important.

UPDATE: Reader Mike Doffing emails:

The biggest problem with having a generator around is not the generator itself but the hassle of storing dangerous (and slowly degrading) gasoline. Gas stations presumably don’t have that problem. How about the Bush administration announcing a plan to give a nice tax break to all stations who buy a generator. To make sure they keep it and not sell it, how about having the county inspectors who check the pumps for dispensing accuracy check on the generators as well. They can also check to make sure they have a hand siphon to solve the catch-22 problem of getting the initial gas to power the generator. There are a lot of registered voters sitting in those three hour gas lines.

Good point. Me, I want one of those tripower generators — natural gas, propane, or gasoline, whatever’s handy. . . .

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