ROGER KIMBALL: Before Declaring a Victor, Investigate Allegations of Fraud. “Back in 2000, Al Gore took 37 days in Court as the votes in Florida were scrutinized. This year, there are widespread reported voting irregularities (that’s a six-syllable word for ‘fraud’) in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, and Arizona. The media is jumping up and down trying to deny this (watch Dem apparatchik George Stephanopoulos try out that assertion on South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem: she crushes him).”

Related: Thread. “But then as counting continues, the D to R ratio in mail-in ballots inexplicably begin increasing. Again, this should not happen, and it is observed almost nowhere else in the country, because all of the ballots are randomly shuffled in the mail system and should be homogeneous during counting. The only exceptions to this are other suspect states that also have anomalies.”