TIM KOWAL: Trump May Have Lost, But Trumpism Won.

And you can see a Trump realignment, bigly, in the fact that Trump markedly increased support among blacks, Hispanics, and Asians (not to mention the Holy Grail of Intersectionality, “Other”). And in the fact that Trump doubled his support against LGBT voters. And in the fact that Trump only seemed to lose ground among… Whites.

Trump may lose the election. The smears on Trump may have worked well enough. The media bias against him may have worked well enough. The journalistic nonfeasance to protect Biden — and to keep America from knowing anything probative about his past, present, or future — all of it may have worked just well enough.

Trump may still win — the fight is not gone out of him or his supporters. But yes, Trump may well lose this election. But that does not mean that Biden won. Because no matter what happens, the only clear winner of this election is Trumpism. Biden may beat Trump. But Biden could not beat Trumpism. Trumpism grew. Trumpism expanded.

A lot of people in this country feel disempowered and especially feel disrespected. I don’t think a Biden/Harris administration will reduce their numbers.