IT’S BECAUSE OF MAIL-IN VOTING: The Disastrous 2020 Election Will Never Be Resolved.

It all began with mail-in voting—that scandal-ready procedure that was the electoral equivalent of flying over American states in B-52s as if they were behind enemy lines and dropping ballots at random.

If one were to design a system by which a democracy could be subverted, even destroyed, universal mail-in voting (not, of course, normal absentee voting that requires the citizen to request a ballot) would be at or near the top of a list.

What could go wrong?

It’s not just the obvious—dead people voting, people who left the state voting, illegal aliens voting, signatures no one could possibly recognize being authenticated, signatures with no record, envelopes being back-dated, ballots found in gullies, ballots dumped in gullies, ballot harvesting, foreign agents voting surreptitiously en masse, deadlines that keep moving like the proverbial goal posts, and who knows what.

It’s an actual guarantee of chaos—and that’s what we had and have.

No one will ever really know what happened.

The pandemic was the excuse, but I strongly suspect it was more than that. I suspect, in fact I’m sure, that the intention of some was to utilize the pandemic to institute mail-in voting because they knew it would create this chaos, almost like an Antifa for the electoral system.

How do we know it was in some ways intentional?

There was plenty of warning. Just this June, 223,000 ballots in Nevada’s Clark County—17 percent of that county’s electorate that includes Las Vegas—were sent willy-nilly to the wrong addresses for their primary, according to the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

No evidence has been forthcoming that this was corrected. PILF president and general legal counsel J. Christian Adams calls mail-in voting “chaos that lends itself to fraud.”

PILF has posted a rather droll video—if it weren’t so depressing—of their investigators going to some of these registration addresses that turn out to be commercial businesses, not homes, where the putative voter may or may not have once been employed (in some cases no one seems to have heard of them). These include an abandoned mine, of all things.

The world is laughing, and rightly so.