August 12, 2003

I AGREE WITH JEFF JARVIS: FoxNews’ suit against Al Franken is asinine.

UPDATE: Eugene Volokh adds: “it seems to me like a really silly move on Fox’s part, since it looks like a heavy-handed and legally ill-founded attempt to suppress criticism.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Alex Knapp says Fox is right. Well, sort of. I don’t think so, on these facts. But I’m not a trademark lawyer.


I do think someone should sue Franken for posing as a comedian. They haven’t pronounced on that issue. Where’s the outrage?

Now there’s a slam-dunk case. He hasn’t been funny since the “Al Franken decade,” — which was rather a long time ago.

STILL MORE: Kim du Toit:

[What] the Fox lawyers should be doing is looking for loopholes in Geraldo Rivera’s employment contract, instead of giving alleged humorist Stuart Little Al Franken free publicity.

Geraldo who?

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