THIS I BELIEVE: I believe in government by the people for the people of these United States of America, a republic enshrined in the Constitution and guaranteeing its citizens equality under the law, in protection of their natural individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I believe that while — like all human things — not perfect, the constitution of the United States of America comes the closest that it’s possible, this side of heaven, to creating a perfect environment in which prosperity, invention and hte human spirit can flourish.  And I believe to preserve the republic is the most important pursuit of any decent and thinking American.

There is no negotiating with those who take our cities hostage. And there should be nothing but horror and contempt for those who have fouled our electoral process to this level, in the face of the world.

This I believe, and to this I pledge my honor, my fortune and my sacred honor, so help me almighty G-d.

Remember that. This is not a game.