SO FAR, THE UNDISPUTED LOSER IN THE ELECTION IS FOX NEWS, BOTH FOR ITS ELECTION-NIGHT COVERAGE AND ITS FOLLOW-ON COVERAGE TODAY. We watched, hated it, and switched to NewsmaxTV and to CNN, which surprisingly did a good, data-driven job. Chris Wallace was the worst. And a former student commented: “That guy who was their expert last night looked like Fauci in a wig. And Brett Baier wants his job and to keep paying for his wife’s bad Botox, so he had to smile through it.” Harsh, but fair.

UPDATE: A reader emails: “Could not agree more with your reader who is angry with Fox for having its coverage run by partisan Dems. I changed over to Newsmax TV and have never looked back. They’ve been solid all night, calm, and following the data. More interesting experts on too.” I think last night was a big breakthrough for Newsmax TV. We’d never watched it before, and I’m hearing good things about it from a lot of people who had never watched it before.