August 5, 2003


Well, let’s see: First, I’m 34 years-old, not 38. Second, I contributed $20 to Dean’s campaign, not $25. Third, while I like and support President Bush I have never referred to him either in public or in private – and most certainly not on the record to a reporter from Newsweek magazine – as “my man.”

That’s 2 factual errors and a misquote in 62 words of copy. I’m sorry, but that’s pretty shoddy journalism. . . .

I’m a bit shocked by the utter sloppiness of the reporting process. Newsweek is one of the nation’s most widely read and “respected” weekly news magazines. I spoke to the reporter on Thursday afternoon and then again Thursday evening at about 9:00pm eastern time for a cover story that hit the web early Sunday and newsstands today. No one called me back to fact check.

There’s lots more.

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